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Mushroom, Sun-dried Tomatoes and Chive Quiche 

Croissant with Smoked Salmon, Rocket and Cream Cheese 

Croissants with Brie and Tomato 

Cracked wheat Porridge cups with seasonal fruit compote and nuts 

Yogurt cups sprinkled with homemade granola and garnished with seasonal fruits 

Yogurt cups with toasted muesli and garnished with seasonal fruits 

Pumpkin and pepper frittata bites with tomato chutney 

Bagels with smoked salmon, avocado, rocket and cream cheese   

Bagels with avocado, lettuce and aioli  

Flatbread wrap with Lamb meatballs, labneh and sumac   

Flatbread wrap of tabbouleh, homemade falafel and hummus 

Assorted Sandwiches

  • Four point sandwich  

  • Ribbon sandwich  

  •  Roast chicken and lettuce with tangy tomato chutney

  • Chicken with garlic infused mayo

  • Ham and cheese with honey mustard

  • Avocado and chicken with aioli

  • Egg and lettuce with curried mayo

  • Cucumber and cream cheese

  • Coriander pesto with Cucumber and tomato

  • Cheese and Tomato with chutney

Sweet and Fruits


Almond cookies    

Assorted muffin  

Chocolate tarts  

Lemon and lime tart  

Mini ganache tarts  

Cheesecake bite  

Dark chocolate mud cake with chocolate ganache bites  

Chocolate walnut cake with ganache bites   

Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting bites  

Freshly sliced seasonal fruit platter  

A basket of fresh fruit  

  • Granny Smith Apple

  • Mandarin

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