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Indian- Savory


Dhokla with chutney (Indian chickpea flour savory cake tempered with sesame and mustard seeds) 

Khandvi  (chickpea flour and yogurt crepes tightly rolled into bite-size pieces)

Aloo parantha roll with chutney (Wholemeal Indian flatbread stuffed with potato and spicy filling roll)   

Egg roti roll garnished with shredded tasty cheese  

Chicken roti roll 

Kheema filo triangles  (Lamb mince stuffed in filo pastry)

Mini veg samosas  

Mini meat samosas  

Chickpea flour pancake roll-ups with chutney  

Zucchini fritters with tomato chutney 

Shammi kebabs (Meat mince and lentil kebabs)

Lamb mince finger kebabs  

Mini uttappams 

Idli with chutney   

Rasam vada 



Besan burfi  

Coconut laddoo  

Gulab jamun  

Phirni cups  

Sevaiyaan cups  

Rice kheer cups  


Kaju roll  

Payassam cups  

For your lunch and dinner catering, let us design a full fledged and personalized menu, to suit your event. Feel free to talk to us today.

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